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Welcome to PAC! 


 A Little Bit About Us

The Pilipino American Coalition was formed by several Pilipino students that took Asian American classes during the Fall of 1971. Dr. Inui, the head of the Asian American Studies Department, brought together seven Pilipino students from two of his classes and the Pilipino American Coalition was formally established in the Spring of 1972.

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Tenth General Meeting!

Theme: Masquerade 

Attire: Formal Ball Attire

Location: Peterson Hall (room specification will be emailed to those who RSVP)

Hosts: PACterns!

Additional info: Don't forget to RSVP since we only have limited spots and due to Covid guidelines. Please make sure to read in detail the guidelines in order to enter the meeting through the RSVP application below 

Individual Upcoming Events

Its KAPATIDS MONTH!!! Hey y'all! November is here! Which also means that it's Kapatids month! the first event for this month is called PACsassins. Sign Ups are posted in the linkjk below so please sign up if you are interested in playing! Each will have a different theme so if you miss this weeks PACsassins round, there will be more weekly rounds to sign up for in the future! Participation in events being held this month will get you and your fam points. Get your fam points and be the best fam for this year! Contact our Events/ Retreats Coordinator or Membership coordinator through their instagrams down below! 

Events/Retreats coordinator: @Nate.Villanueva

Membership coordinator:




Social Event

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