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Welcome to PAC! 


 A Little Bit About Us

The Pilipino American Coalition was formed by several Pilipino students that took Asian American classes during the Fall of 1971. Dr. Inui, the head of the Asian American Studies Department, brought together seven Pilipino students from two of his classes and the Pilipino American Coalition was formally established in the Spring of 1972.

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Seventh General Meeting !!!

Date: October 14, 2021 at 6:30

Theme: Swagapino

Attire: Swagapino (the vibez)

Location: Zoom

Hosts: Adora and Luis 

Individual Upcoming Events

Philanthropy Event

Got a hidden talent!? Show it off!

PAC Poetry Night is a talent show held every semester to showcase the unique and special talents of our members! Due to covid restrictions and for the safety of our members, this event will be a live-streamed video on our Youtube channel. If you love to sing, dance, write poetry, draw, cook, or anything at all, we'd love to see it! 

Submit your videos by October 30th 11:59 p.m!

-Trudie Ngo Philanthropy Chair

Questions? Contact Trudie through her ig @trudiengo


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