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About PAC


Our Roots

The Pilipino American Coalition was formed by several Pilipino students that took Asian American classes during the Fall of 1971. Dr. Inui, the head of the Asian American Studies Department, brought together seven Pilipino students from two of his classes and the Pilipino American Coalition was formally established in the Spring of 1972.

With a long running legacy of members dedicated to philanthropy, culture, academics, and a social connection, PAC has held a strong presence on the CSULB campus. PAC serves to unite members of the CSULB community. Echoing the dream of the first PAC President, Alan Constantino, PAC aims to give members a place they can call home while helping members prepare for their futures. Over 40 years strong, PAC continues to embody that we are “One Unit, One Club, and One Family.” If you are an alumni of PAC and you want to get in touch with the current PAC Cabinet feel free to contact the Academic/Alumni Chair at csulbpac.academic@gmail.com.

Link to PAC Constitution: PAC Constitution 2018