CAB Elections

About Elections

The Pilipino American Coalition (PAC) is one of the largest organizations on the CSULB campus. Officially recognized in the Spring of 1972, PAC has continued to grow, guided by it's Cabinet. Each year PAC Cabinet takes charge of planning events and leading PAC for the year. The official term for each Cabinet is from the start of the academic year in the fall, to the start of the next academic year next fall. The unofficial term for each Cabinet is from the Pilipino Graduation Celebration the incoming year, to the Pilipino Graduation Celebration the outgoing year. 


The requirements for Cabinet are to be enrolled in at least 6 units the following semester at CSULB and to have a cumulative 2.0 GPA as well as a 2.0 GPA minimum for the semester that one is being elected.

Purpose of Elections

The elections are a way for the general members of PAC to decide who leads PAC the next year. It is a symbol of the members of PAC putting their faith and trust into the individuals that they elect. With a requirement of 50% plus 1.


Step 1: Application

When the time comes, fill out the digital application that will be provided by the new PCN coordinators. This process is usually around April.

Step 2: Petition

After the application process is closed, general members will review the Q&A portion of the applications online and will petition (via an online poll) for candidates to proceed to the next step. Candidates must receive 50%+ 1 of the total number of voters in order to proceed. Voters may petition more than one candidate. 

Step 3: Interview

Then past PCN coordinators and E-board with interview the eligible candidates. Appointments will be made based on availability and will be held on campus.

Step 4: Approval

Once two candidates are chosen. At the following general meeting at 4 pm, the proposed coordinators will be announced and general members will be asked to approve the decision. If 50% +1 of the general body approves, the candidates will officially be selected as the coordinators for the next annual Pilipino Cultural Night.



Vice President



Academic Chair

Assistant Treasurer

Cultural Chair


Membership Chair

Philanthropy Chair

Public Relations

Retreat and Events Coordinator

Sports Coordinator


The President shall preside at the organization and cabinet meetings. He/She/They shall be the official spokesperson of the organization, representing policies, views and opinions of the organization in its relations with the campus and community at large. He/She/They shall have such further powers and duties as may be prescribed by the organization. He/She/They is also responsible for representing the Pilipino American Coalition in front of the Cultural Council. 

The Vice President shall preside at the organization and board meetings in the absence of the President. He/She shall perform all legal duties assigned to him/her by the President. He/She shall notify all members of the organization meetings. He/She is also ultimately responsible for confirming all venues for meetings and events. 

The Treasurer shall handle all financial affairs and budgeting of the organization, maintaining all necessary accounting records. Said records shall be maintained in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. He/She shall maintain bank accounts in the organization's name requiring signatures of both the Treasurer and President for all authorized disbursements.

The Secretary shall take minutes at all meeting of the organizations, keep these on file and submit required copies to all organization members. He/She shall maintain all records of the organization. He/She is responsible for all incoming/outgoing messages addressed to PAC. 

The Academic Chair shall deal with all issues in regards to the California State University, Long Beach administration, faculty, and student services. He/She will promote academics by informing the members of scholastic events and planning academic events, including but not limited to: Freshman Transfer Day, Study Nights, StudentFaculty Mixer, High School Outreach, and the Pilipino Graduation Celebration. 

The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer on all of his/her duties. He/She shall mainly focus on fundraising activities. 

The Cultural Chair shall present weekly lessons showcasing Pilipino/Pilipino American culture. He/She shall discuss topics including (but not limited to) identity and history. They are also responsible for planning a portion of events in Pilipino American History Month. 

The Historian will keep record of all PAC events. He/She will do this via picture and video. He/She is also in charge of PAC Times, the official PAC newsletter. He/She will keep the alumni updated with PAC’s events and will act as the direct liaison between the alumni and PAC Cabinet and the members. He/She will also be in charge of planning events such as: Alumni Mixers. 

The Membership Chair is the spokesperson for the general members. He/She will coordinate and plan Kapatids events and the Ate/Kuya Program. He/She will also deal with all issues in regards to recreational and social aspects of the Pilipino American Coalition. 

The Philanthropy Chair shall be responsible for coordinating PAC's community outreach and activism events, including (but not limited to) High School Outreach, Veteran's Day Parade, and FASGI Luncheon. They are also responsible for planning a portion of events in Pilipino American History Month. 

The Public Relations Chair will be involved with all promotions around campus and to the general members, mainly via word of mouth, flyers, posters and banners. He/She will assist the Secretary and Webmaster on any publicity tasks. He/She is also responsible for communicating with other organizations. 

The Retreat and Events Coordinator (REC) will handle planning and coordinating external events, mainly, Summer/ Winter Cabinet Retreat, Snow Trip and the Spring Break Trip. The REC will also be one of two chairs for PAC Formal each spring. The second chair of PAC Formal may be decided by the current cabinet each year. 

The Sports Coordinator will promote all activities which promote sportsmanship, school spirit and PAC pride. He/She handles Friendship Games, Sportsfest, Intramurals and other leagues. 

The Webmaster will be involved with all promotions on an internal basis, mainly via emails and the PAC Website. He/She will assist the Secretary and Public Relations Chair on any publicity tasks. 

The following are the appointed Cabinet positions and their duties: 

PCN Coordinators

PAC Modern Liaison(s)

PCN Coordinators are ultimately in charge of overseeing and handling all operations, with regards to Pilipino Cultural Night. This includes, but is not limited to, selecting, delegating duties to, and managing PCN Board members. 

PAC Modern Liaison are charged with communication and scheduling between PAC Cabinet and PAC Modern, the official dance team of PAC. Note that the prescribed duties of each Cabinet position are subject to change in accordance with the availability and ability of the Cabinet to perform them each year.