A Few Events to Look Out For

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General Meetings

General meetings are held weekly every Thursday with in-person meetings starting at 3:30, and online meetings starting at 6:30. Some topics within these meetings include but are not limited to Cultural lessons, Academic lessons, icebreakers, Open Forum, and social bonding activities

PAC Poetry Night

Hosted during the evening on campus, PAC Poetry Night allows those within the club to showcase special talents or unique acts to present in front of the club audience.

PACtern Program

This program is open to anyone who has an interest in getting to know more about CAB leadership in the PAC club and those who would like to gain leadership to be apart of the leadership team.

Ate/Kuya/Ading Pairings

Every semester, Ate/ Kuya/ Ading Pairings also known as AKA reveals allow both upper class student and lower class students to bond and socialize with each other. Pairings are made based on topics pertaining to similar interests, hobbies, or topics that both may have. 

Friendship Games

Every year, Pilipino American student organizations from California, Nevada, and Arizona participate in a day of friendly but competitive picnic games, performances, and to celebrate “S.P.U.F.” - Spirit, Pride, Unity, and Friendship.

Pilipino Cultural Festival

During the month of December, PAC alongside with PCN create a  showcasing of all the cultural dances from various parts of the Philippines as well as an itinerary of social games and fundraisers

Pilipino Cultural Night  

Pilipino Cultural Night, also known as PCN, is a night paying homage to the vast history and culture of Filipinos. The event includes dances of various regions, a skit performance highlighting the life experiences of Filipino Americans, and PAC Modern performances. More details can be found on the main menu under Social Events