The Four

PAC Pillars

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Pillar I


When it comes down to it, we are all in a college to get an education. We are in college to learn the skills we’ll need to succeed in whichever work place we choose to enter. PAC also understands how much work it takes to get into college in the first place. Thus, PAC’s academic events are tailored toward the success of its members in the classroom and in the future, and outreach to encourage high schoolers to go to college.

Some academic events include:

  • Freshman/Transfer Day

  • Student-Faculty Mixer 

  • PAC study nights 

  • PAC High School Outreach Tour

  • Pilipino Graduation Celebration hosted by PAC

Join us during PAC study nights on : TBA

contact our Academics chair for any questions at


Pillar II

PAC is a cultural club and thus, hosts the cultivation and celebration of culture. While PAC is a Pilipino-based club, we respect all cultures and celebrate how cultures from all over the world can showcase the strength of the people.
PAC’s cultural events aim to teach members about their culture through lessons, dance, song, and other means to inspire and inform.

Some Cultural Events include:

  • PAC poetry Night

  • Pilipino Town Tour

  • Pilipino American Heritage Month

  • Weekly Cultural Lessons

  • Pilipino Christmas Festival

  • Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN)

Examples of Weekly Cultural Lessons can be found below:

  • PACS 101

  • Education Systems in the Philippines

  • The Etymology and Usage of Ate- Kuya 

  • The Struggle for PAHM and P-Town 

  • Jose Rizal

  • Baybayin

  • JFAV

  • MariaMakiling

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Reaching out to the surrounding community and being a part of the change that we seek is something that PAC continuously strives for. PAC does its best to reach out to the local Pilipino community and the Long beach community

Some Philanthropy events include:

  • Pilipino Town Tour

  • PAC Poetry Night

  • Justice for Filipino American Veterans Rally

  • FASGI Luncheon

  • Hoops for Hope Charity Basketball Tournament 

  • Relay for Life

  • Events with Anakbayan LA and the Filipino Migrant Center


Some of the best memories come during their times in college. PAC hosts events that help members form bonds and build relationships that will last far after their time in college.

Some Social events include:

  • One Nation Pool Party

  • Ate/Kuya Program

  • Broomball

  • PAC Family Picnic

  • Family Dinners

  • Friendship Games 

  • Snow Trip

  • Spring Break Trip

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Pillar III

Pillar IV